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About Tipping at Hotels

Author: Sarah Sharpe
Posted: 2009.09.23

Tipping is the discretionary way to say thank you for receiving good service. Before traveling, it's a good idea to make sure you have small bills on hand. In our increasingly cashless society, it's easy to forget to have denominations on hand that are appropriate for the service received, particularly when checking in. This page provides guidelines for appropriate tipping ranges, expressed in 2009 USD.

Transportation Related

Courtesy Shuttle Driver
Tip between $1-$2 per passenger, or $4-$5 for a party.
Valet Parking Attendant
Give $1-$2 to the attendant who gets your car. Tipping when the car is parked is optional.
For calling a cab, you should tip $1-$2. If it's raining, tip extra if the doorman covers you with an umbrella. It is okay to save the tips for the end of your stay instead of each time.
Limo or Taxi Driver
Tip 15-20% of the total fare.

Check In Time

Tip the bell staff $1-$2 per bag if they bring your luggage up to the room. Tip $5-$10 if they prepare your room and show you around, which should cover bringing the luggage.
Valet Parking Attendant
Give $1-$2 to the attendant who gets your car. Tipping when the car is parked is optional.
Tipping is not necessary for just opening a door. Tip $1-$2 per bag that they help you with.

Room Related

The rate range is typically from $1-$5 per night, although it can be more depending on the level of service. Try to do your tipping each day, since it might not be the same person each day. To make sure the money gets to the right person, it's smart to put it in a sealed envelope that's clearly labelled.
You do not have to tip for bringing a missing item or fixing something that is broken.

Hotel Services

Tipping the concierge depends on the level of service provided. No tipping is required for basic inquiries like directions or restaurant recommendations. Tip $2-$5 if the concierge arranges something for you such as show tickets or restaurant reservations. Something extra special such as a tickets to a club that you normally couldn't get into, or a table at the hippest new restaurant, would deserve tip $10-$20.

An interesting fact is that the word "tip" originated in England and is an acronym for the phrase "To Insure Promptness."

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