Africa / Middle East

The northeastern corner of the continent of Africa is a part of the region known as the Middle or Near East, which includes the southwestern and western portions of Asia. Together, Africa and the Middle East contain the remnants of man's first appearance and early history. From the tropical jungles and oceanfront resorts of central and southern Africa, to the historic and intriguing commercial centers and seaports of northern Africa, to the ancient deserts, forests, river valleys and Mediterranean coastal destinations of the Middle East, the continent of Africa and the Middle East offer the perfect adventure for any itinerary.

Africa's largest city, Cairo offers high-end accommodations near the Pyramids as well as resorts along the Nile River, and the juxtaposition of the oldest relics of civilization with contemporary state of the art architecture provides a unique perspective on man's journey. The port city of Casablanca offers arguably the best shopping opportunities in the world for textiles and ceramics. The wineries and antique shops of the Cape Town area provide a wonderful diversion during stays at oceanfront resorts. The income of Dubai is more from tourism than oil, reflected by the opulent beach resorts, entertainment and shopping complexes along the Persian Gulf. Tel Aviv has grown into a cosmopolitan world hub which offers a full spectrum of hotels, including beachfront resorts along the Mediterranean, shopping venues from contemporary malls to outdoor flea markets, and a vibrant nightlife that draws an international crowd.

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