The continent of Europe, essentially the western peninsula of Eurasia, separated from Asia in the east by the Ural and Caucasus mountain chains, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the Bosphorous Strait, contains several major world capitals, including: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Athens, Greece; Berlin, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Budapest, Hungary; Copenhagen, Denmark; Dublin, Ireland; Geneva, Switzerland; Helsinki, Finland; Istanbul, Turkey; Lisbon, Portugal; London, England; Madrid, Spain; Moscow, Russia; Oslo, Norway; Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Rome, Italy (including Vatican City, the world's smallest country); Stockholm, Sweden; Vienna, Austria; Warsaw, Poland, and more.

European culture, language and cuisine derive in part from traditions of the 'Romance' countries comprising the ancient Roman Empire, the Germanic traditions of ancient Scandinavia, and the Slavic traditions of the Balkan Mountains cultures of eastern Europe. Although the smallest continent, after Australia, Europe offers the largest number of cultures, languages, and traditions of hospitality and entertainment for its size that can be found anywhere else. Various forms of reliable and reasonably priced public transporation are available everywhere, making it possible to anchor in the best hotel, bed and breakfast inn, or lodge in any European city that best fits your itinerary and take short excursions into completely different cultures throughout your stay.

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