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The continent of North America, although larger than Europe, is less densely populated and in contrast offers much larger stretches of wilderness and open spaces between its major metropolitan areas. North America is comprised of the countries of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Although Central America is physically at the southernmost tip of the North American continent, we have included central American countries in our South & Central America section. The Caribbean - Mayan Riviera, similarly, has its own section, even though this area also is geographically part of the North American continent.

North America includes the world class hotel and convention centers of Toronto, New York, and Mexico City, the three largest metropolitan areas of the North American continent, and the U.S. resort, recreation and natural wonder areas of Anaheim, Hilton Head Island, Lake Tahoe, Niagara Falls, Orlando, and Yellowstone. United States listings include hotels, bed and breakfast inns, hostels and more from Fairbanks to Portland, Maine to the Florida Keys to Honolulu, as well as the government centers of Ottawa, Washington, D.C., popular tourist destinations like Branson and San Francisco Bay area, and much more.

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