South & Central America

Central America, physically at the southernmost tip of North America, includes the beach resorts of San Jose, Costa Rica, and is separated from the continent of South America by the Isthmus of Panama. Popular South American destinations include Spanish-speaking Buenos Aires, Argentina's largest city and capital nicknamed the 'Paris of South America' and birthplace of the Tango; and Spanish-speaking Lima, Peru's largest city and capital along the Pacific coast.

Also popular are Portuguese-speaking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's second largest city and site of Carnival; Spanish-speaking Santiago, Chile's largest city, capital, financial and cultural center; and Portuguese-speaking Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest, most multi-cultural city and fourth largest metropolitan area in the world. Each South American country offers its own cultural background, language and cuisine, as well as the full spectrum of beach resorts, convention hotels, intimate bed and breakfast inns, mountain and forest lodges.

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